Irish Bred Gelding

SIRE: Choisir - DAM: Minnie KC - DAM SIRE: Toca Madera

STARTS: 43: 4-5-5 - PRIZE MONEY: $3,771,750 - BORN: 2009


UPDATE 26/05/2018:Sharp Hunter or more affectionately known as Joe for short - Has just been adopted to a lovely home in Wellington, New Zealand! We knew this boy would be highly sought after, with his gorgeous nature, laid back temperament and willingness to learn new things! So it wasn't a surprise to have people coming to meet him very early on in is Re-Education preparation.

Since arriving from Hong Kong, Sharp Hunter didn't miss a beat! He went mustering Cattle and Sheep, hacking up the rode and started learning to jump! Nothing bothered him - Sheep, Alpaca's you name it, it didn't faze this beautiful big boy! His Re-Trainers Tracey and Steve Stobie in Taupo, NZ, Fell in love with him very quickly, teaching him to eat bread and apples, and he already knew what a carrot was. They are going to miss him dearly but are very happy that is going to a super experienced and loving home! Wecan't wait to update you more when he arrives at his new home and how he progresses!

UPDATE AUGUST 2018:We were so happy to receive our update on Sharp Hunter P097 today! Thank you to Renita Beaton acting as a Representative for ITR and travelling to visit Sharp Hunter in his new home in Palmerston North, NZ! How beautiful are these photos! He looks so happy and so spoilt with his new owner Kalina! Sharp Hunter spends his days hacking out along the beach with his pony friends! Exactly what we want for our ITR horses, a Loving, Caring and Forever Home!

UPDATE: 01/02/2019 - What a horse Sharp Hunter is turning out to be! I'm over the moon with how he progressed with his new owner Kalina. Not only does he look great he has turned into a great Childs Hack! Pictured here carrying Kalina's 13year Old Daughter around! What a sweet boy he is. He even had his first day at the beach and absolutely loved the water!