Sire: Dane Shadow  -  Dam: Russian Classic  -  Dam Sire: Stravinsky

Starts: 33: 0-5-4  -  Prize Money: $1,107,300 BORN:  2/11/2010

TRAINER: David Ferraris  Introducing Bliss Cartel.  Arrived in New Zealand 09/05/2018 on route to Australia, November 7th!

Update 05/11/2018: We are so Happy that Bliss has found a fantastic new home in Melbourne, Australia!  Bliss has just spent the last 6 months with ITR Re-Trainer Tracey Stobie, at her beautiful property in Taupo NZ.  Bliss completed his Re-Trainer and now is about head to his new home where he will enjoy being a pleasure pony and relaxing at the lovely Cornwall Park. Congratulation to Sacha for being the success for Applicant for Bliss! We can wait see future up dates on this beautiful boy!

UPDATE: 01/01/2019 - Bliss Cartel Finally made it to his new home in Melbourne, Australia! He travelled over well with Solar Hei Hei and is enjoying his new life as a retired Racehorse!