Racehorse Retirement:

(One off Payment) For suitable for Re-Training in and Equestrian discipline. This payment funds the care, rehabilitation and training of your horse. Once your horse has graduated the ITR Program we arrange for them to be adopted to a New Home for the rest of their life. ITR personally checks on the progress and welfare of your horses every six months for the rest of their lives.

Lifetime Retirement:

(One off payment) If your horse requires lifetime retirement and is not suitable for re-training for riding purposes due to injury, ITR can arrange a life-long home and care.

If you wish to visit your horse in New Zealand or Australia, ITR can arrange this for you with ample notice. 

After an appropriate amount of time of Rehabilitation, we then carefully select a New Home where your horse is Adopted too! This can be a difficult process, so we at ITR spend a great deal of time finding the correct home for your horse, where their welfare and happiness is top priority!

The ITR Program is designed so that each horse has every possible chance to excel at their abilities and make a successful second career in a discipline that matches their capabilities. With the education they receive through our ITR Re-Trainers, careful selection of suitable New Homes and transparency of the entire program, ITR aims to make their program the most effective and reliable re-homing program available. For owners interested in retiring their horse through the International Thoroughbred Retirement Program, Please contact us for Program Prices.


Have you wanted to own a Retired Racehorse but are to scared to commit to purchase because you don't know what you're getting? Then an ITR Horse is for you!

People interested in adopting an ITR horse are encouraged to contact ITR to discuss potential opportunities and receive application forms.

After the first 4 weeks with the re-trainer, potential owners will be able to visit and view the horse they think will suit them. This creates a unique circumstance whereby potential owners can select a horse that is most suited to their requirements and will receive further re-training prior to adoption.


-In return, a new owner will uphold the their commitment to provide a home for the horse that provides for its welfare and quality of life.

- An ITR horse is not purchased, it is re-homed and NOT available for Sale after adoption! The system is designed to match horses capabilities with new owners' expectations in return to their commitment to horse welfare. We have strict conditions in our adoption process and our ITR horses will not just go to any home. Experience and qualification is a must.

To see our Term and Conditions contract please contact us via email. Each horse will receive a graduation package of a Rug, and Halter after their completion of the program to go with them to their new adopted homes, we also offer a Travel Payment incentive for people living more than 4hrs from the Re-Trainer!