Lightning Steed B274
Lightning Steed
Introducing Lightning Steed B274 aka Ari. With 100 bays in the program, it starts becoming hard to tell them all apart! So, we will paint him as black and white as possible for you all! Ari as you can tell is a lovely stockier type of Thoroughbred. Great deep girth. Nice and correct. Short pasterns. Slightly clubby in his right front, but has improved with great shoeing (thanks Steve 😉) But overall, really great feet and good to Shoe…..BONUS!!!! Sensible and calm on the ground and to ride. Hacks out happily over farmland in company doesn't mind if he's in front or behind. Works nicely in the arena. Sensitive to leg aids. Light in the contact, and happy in the paddock on his own or with a mate. We haven't seen him get any separation anxiety or any of that hoopla people are worried about. So, if you are looking for a straight forward horse (that doesn’t mean he is fully educated, it just means straight forward, and hasn’t done any of the following - buck, rear or bolt off with the Sunday confession money) then this boy is for you! Yes, you’ll need to continue his education. But he is smart, switched on and happy to learn. Ready for viewings. Vet history available. A few colourful lines on there, but we are happy to discuss. Once he has developed balance, and correct muscle to hold himself in the right frame (this takes time) then you should be able to do some low level dressage (Doesn’t have Grand Prix movement sorry) and some low level jumping. But if you don’t want to do any of that, he is definitely the perfect trekking horse!
Lightning Steed B274 Details:
LOCATION: Taupo, New Zealand
SIRE: California Dane
DAM: Deal or No Deal
DAM SIRE: Encosta De Lago
HEIGHT: approx 16 hh
DOB: 11//10/2014
PRIZE MONEY: $4,607,125 HK
RETIRED RACING: 29/12/2020
ARRIVED: 1/11/2021
TRAINER: Casper Fownes
RE-TRAINER: Tracey Stobie

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