Pegasus Elite B324
Pegasus Elite B324
Meet Honey and no honey is not a girl lol His an absolute sweetheart with a heart of gold! No Dirt, no bite or kick, No Bolting, bucking or rearing, his not buddy sour, his not lazy or homebound. Exceptional ground manners, no dragging you around, he responds to the lightest touch on the halter, he is good with his feet and to worm and comes to you in the paddock. Self loads on the Float or truck. Can be led from the quad or another horse or be ridden and lead other horses lol Been professionally Schooled, has a soft contact, responsive to leg aids & moves off the leg nicely, bends and softens, side passes etc… Honey has 3 very smooth paces. His such a sensible and reliable darling to go trekking on farmland, beach/forestry etc… We go for hours on the trail he simply never puts a foot wrong, Not spooky, his happy alone or in company. Loves the water, very good on tricky country, literally goes anywhere you ask him to. I even Ride honey back from his paddock, bareback in a halter only and leading another horse off him, a real pal that makes you want to go on adventures together as you know he will look after you. Honey has been schooled over cowboy challenge obstacles and working equitation gear, he goes over tipping bridges, tarps, trash pits, noodles, rings the bell, no problem with the Garrocha and ring off the bull, carries noisy flapping flags no stress, not bothered by the crack of the bull whip, he can be surprised at new obstacles but, he always tries doesn’t have a no in him, he just wants to please, he always does everything and once he knows it, his doesn’t look back, his very trainable. Has a cool jump, if we spot fallen trees, bushes, ditches on the trail his happy to pop over them has quiet a bit of power under the hood to, so hang on lol He would make an awesome Horse for anyone looking for a SAFE uncomplicated mount that does not need riding everyday to stay safe, but that still has a bit of go to him, his not a kick along nor is he fizzy, his just a happy chappy. He would suit someone who enjoys Horsemanship as he responds really well to it and that understand a more sensitive nature, his not a big thick kind of stubborn horse that needs over riding, he needs someone soft, balanced and appreciates a horse that responds to the slightest aids, and he will do well in any discipline, with the rider I described. Honey is a 16-16.1h aprox 7yo Tb Geld by Starcraft, such an elegant horse with compact conformation hence he is so maneuverable & easy to ride, straight legs and now going amazing barefoot! Viewings welcome based as soon lockdown lifts. To find out more about what we do go to our facebook page “Imperial Equine Second Chance” We will need to make sure you meet ITR home requirements and to sign their contract which is all for the welfare of the horse, any genuine owner will see no problem with this.
Pegasus Elite B324 Details:
LOCATION: New Zealand
SIRE: Starcraft
DAM: Zeparty
DAM SIRE: Zedative
HEIGHT: approx 15.3 hh
DOB: 24/08/2014
RETIRED RACING: 27/10/2019
ARRIVED: 5/2/2020
TRAINER: K W Lui/Richard Gibson
RE-TRAINER: Leesa Banicevich

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