Sunshine Universe A130
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Where to begin. Sunny our gorgeous little grey man all the way from Great Brittan where he won 2 races before making the journey to Hong Kong for 3 yrs of racing before happily retiring in Australia!

He wasn’t the biggest fan of his city lifestyle, usually making things difficult for his vets and handlers. But since arriving at Knights Equestrian, he has given everyone a cavity with his sweetness. No issues with Shoeing etc as well as being full body clipped with no sedation.

Skye has done a magnificent job with this boy. Here is her assessment of Sunny!

Sunny has successfully worked through our ground work program, he’s able to circle in both directions at walk, trot and canter, change direction, back up, side-pass manoeuvre through obstacles. Great with tarps, flags etc.

He has basic liberty work established - being able to circle at walk and trot, stop cue well developed & mark training. Has also started the process of teaching him to lay down.

With only a few rides under saddle he proves to be very calm and willing. Enjoys working on a loose rein. Ties up well. Only thing we’ve found is that he can be a bit colty when stabled by a mare. If he stays in QLD we will also offer a free position in one of our two day intro to liberty clinics.
Sunshine Universe A130 Details:
LOCATION: Lamington, QLD Australia
SIRE: Elzaam
DAM: Jillolini
DAM SIRE: Bertolini
HEIGHT: approx 15.1 hh
DOB: 31/5/2014
PRIZE MONEY: $2,037,235 HK
ARRIVED: 23/12/2020
RE-TRAINER: Knights Equestrian

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